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About us


Our mission-statement couldn’t be better defined than by quoting the thoughts of Mihály Váci, one of the best-known Hungarian poets:

“It’s not enough to long for better things; you must want them with all your heart! Wanting, though, is not enough: you must act, and do your part!”
To show the world who we are, whilst we ensure a decent living for our families  -  these are the two fields we regard as the fundaments of our daily activities. It is up to our clients and friends to decide how well we succeed in pursuing these virtues.

Certain things, no doubt, can be stated as facts:

We have large families with several children, whom we care for and educate.
We share conservative thoughts as we believe in the strength that traditions, families, homes and well-done work will provide.
We are open to innovations and new thoughts, as this is the key for further development.
We draw up long-term plans, based on more than a decade of results, to support our families, while we hope to make a positive contribution towards other people as well.  
We believe that persistent work will always help us overcome difficulties that come our way, and ultimately the experience gained from these will make us better fit to meet forthcoming challenges.
We are dedicated to provide products that will bring joy to others.
We consider ourselves to be lucky, as we can deal with what we love to.

If you are interested to know more about our team, our products, our competences, or if you would like to cooperate with us either within Hungary or abroad, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone, and of course you are always welcome to visit our wholesale-warehouse (based on prior appointment) at the location indicated here.


Gábor Kovács  -  Managing Director
Tamás Projcs  -  Managing Director